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Nakshatra Y

Is a rainbow a sequence of seven simple colours?
Is a smile an expression of joy? 
Is love a simple feeling?
Is Poetry a convoy of letters on a page loomed together with rhyme and meter to induce euphony?
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The Veridical Verses

Poetry has the potential to broaden our perspective and deepen our empathy, as it often speaks to universal themes and experiences that transcend time, culture, and language. It is a unique form of expression that can capture emotions and experiences in a way that no other medium can.

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About Me


I love reading and enjoy writing, practicing silambam, and playing the guitar. I pen my thoughts on mythology and in-general in two blogs. The Veridical verses is my first volume of poems. 



Mythology Blog



Nakshatra's collection of poems explores various base emotions and feelings. Complete with fun wordings in free verse as well as rhyme schemes, the poems often have deeper underlying messages which help us understand these emotions. For these reasons, I highly recommend this book.
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